soprano laser hair removal

Our Putney salon offers laser hair removal for permanent reduction of unwanted hair on the face or body.

We use the Soprano laser hair removal system, which has won awards for its excellent performance – we believe it is literally the best technology in the industry today.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Costs may vary dependent on the size and location of area to be treated and the number of treatment sessions required. The prices indicate typical prices for our average patient. A full quotation will be confirmed at your consultation.


Treatment Price Course of 6  
Upper lip, chin, OR cheeks * £70 £350 Book
Jawline £85 £425 Book
Neck £100 £500 Book
Lower face £130 £600 Book
Full face £150 £750 Book


Treatment Price Course of 6  
Standard bikini £90 £450 Book
G-string (high bikini) £105 £525 Book
Brazilian Bikini £125 £625 Book
Hollywood Bikini £150 £750 Book


Bikini Styles

Please don’t be embarrassed if you’re not sure what  you want. Our Bikini Style Guide shows you the popular options to help you know your standard bikini line from the Hollywood and Brazilian. Our experienced beauty therapists will be happy to advise in the salon and help you decide.


Treatment  Price  Course of 6  
Fingers OR toes * £35 £175 Book
Hands, nipples, linea nigra OR feet * £70 £350 Book
Underarms £90 £450 Book
Abdomen, lower arms OR upper arms* £125 £625 Book
Full arms £175 £875 Book
Lower legs OR upper legs * £190 £950 Book
Full legs £280 £1,400 Book

Combination Packages

Treatment Price Course of 6  
Hands+fingers OR feet+toes * £90 £450 Book
Lip + chin £105 £525 Book
G-string + underarms £180 £900 Book
Underarms + brazilian bikini £205 £1,025 Book
Hollywood bikini + underarms £230 £1,150 Book
Underarms + lower leg £260 £1,300 Book
Standard bikini + lower leg £270 £1,350 Book
G-string + lower legs £285 £1,425 Book
Brazilian + lower legs £305 £1,525 Book
Hollywood + lower legs £330 £1,650 Book
Standard bikini + full legs £360 £1,800 Book
G-string + full legs £375 £1,875 Book
Hollywood bikini + full legs £420 £2,100 Book
Note * price is PER single area, unless otherwise stated

Laser hair removal consultations

Consultation/patch test is £25, this is redeemable against a course of treatments booked on the day of consultation.

Hair Removal Accelerating Cream

For clients with troublesome hair, for example, associated with PCOS, we also offer laser hair removal in conjunction with a special cream, which works alongside laser hair removal for faster and even more thorough results.

For Men

We also offer laser hair removal for men – very popular for backs, shoulders or chests.

Award-Winning Soprano ICE Technology

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Soprano Laser Hair Removal

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If you have tried laser hair removal before, prepare to reconsider it.

Soprano laser hair removal has a number of serious advantages over other technologies available:

  • suitable for all skin/hair colours
  • pain-free process
  • IN-motion technology scans all the time for excellent results (not just ‘spot blasts’ of laser which can miss bits)
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • multi-award winning technology – Aesthetics Awards and THE Aesthetic Industry Awards

We advise patients to minimise exposure to the sun, sunbeds or self-tanning as this could make hair removal treatment less effective. As a minimum, allow 2 weeks before and after sun/sunbed/fake tan exposure. Note, if you are turned away from your treatment there may be a possible charge or loss of a session from the course of treatments.