soprano iceOur Soprano ICE laser machine offers highly effective skin tightening results for the face or body using NIR (near infra red) technology. 

Soprano ICE NIR laser is an effective treatment for improving loose skin without any surgery or downtime.

Infrared technology is safe and easily tolerated. Soprano ICE delivers an NIR light to the treatment area, where it heats the water content deep in the skin tissues. This causes collagen fibres to contract and tighten. The effect is to smooth out fine lines and tighten loose skin. The treatment also stimulates the skin to produce new collagen and skin cells, so results develop over a period of around 6 months and give an effect which lasts for up to 2 years.

Laser Skin Tightening Prices

Soprano ICE Prices – NIR (near infra red) Skin Tightening

Treatment Price per Treatment Course of 3 Course of 6  
Neck only £80 £216 £400 Book
Lower face only £80 £216 £400 Book
Lower face + neck
(popular option)
£130 £351 £650 Book

These prices are subject to change at any time. Exact prices depend on examination of the area being treated and will be confirmed at your consultation.

Discounts on Courses

Clients can book a course of 3 treatments at a discounted rate. Even better discounts apply for courses of 6.

Laser treatment consultation

*Consultation/patch test is £25, this is redeemable against a course of treatments booked on the day of consultation.

See also body laser skin tightening treatments with Soprano ICE NIR treatment.

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Soprano ICE – NIR Treatment

  • Suitable for face and neck, reducing the signs of ageing
  • Can also treat body areas where tighter skin is desired e.g. upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs – see laser skin tightening body treatments
  • Soprano ICE includes in-built skin cooling for a comfortable experience throughout – patients describe a warm sensation or feeling of heat
  • Infrared thermometer monitors the skin’s inner heat to ensure that it will effectively yet safely warm up the water content of your skin and stimulate collagen production
  • Multiple treatments are recommended for best results, usually a course of 6 at 3-4 week intervals

Laser Hair Removal

We also offer laser hair removal with the same technology – this system has won awards for its pain-free, hair-free treatments.

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