Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2018

Beat the Seasonal Shift in Temperatures

autumn skin beautyAfter a fabulous summer, colder weather was always going to be a shock to the system.

So now that the cooler, windier and rainier weather seems here to stay, how do we ensure that our skin survives the shock of a change in seasons?

For most clients, hydration is the key issue. When the seasons change, skin can become very much dryer. This makes it lose its glow and start to look dull and lacklustre. 

Getting on top of the hydration is key, as Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, explains:

Hydration is the key in winter skincare, as the skin is exposed to so much more challenging conditions.

Harsh winds, central heating and cold temperatures can all be quite drying.

Make sure that the skin is adequately protected. Most people find that a heavier, greasier moisturiser works better.  This should be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin. 

A serum can be a useful addition if your skin needs a little extra TLC.

Cosmedics Beauty offers the latest ZO Skin Health cosmeceutical range with intensive formulations to tackle difficult skin conditions with visible results. 

Drink to Hydrate from Within

In addition to adjusting your skin programme to suit the cooler temperatures, it is also important to make sure you drink plenty too. Water is best for hydration. Tea/coffee don’t hydrate in quite the same way and sugary drinks are not good for your skin. If you find water too ‘cooling’, then a mug of hot water is surprisingly good drink for warming and rehydrating you. 

Professional Treatments

To help your skin transition to winter season, a professional beauty treatment can make a world of difference. 

Good options to consider include:

Cosmedics Beauty Salons, London

Cosmedics’ Beauty Salons offer a range of advanced beauty treatments for the face and skin. The company has invested in top technology such as Harmony XL Pro laser, CACI Ultimate, EDS Dermastamp and Guinot Hydradermie.

Their Beauty Therapists are fully trained and qualified to use the powerful technology and offer an extensive choice of customisable options.

We now have a choice of two fabulously equipped and appointed salons:

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