Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2018

The Contour Crisis

Look Magazine examines how the trend for contouring could be affecting your skin in a feature which made the cover, asking ‘Is Kim K ruining our skin?’.

Writer Chloe Burcham asks:

Have you noticed you’re getting more breakouts and little under-the-skin spots around your cheekbone area?

Dr Ross Perry was invited to give his professional opinion on how makeup can affect the skin. He explained:

Heavy creams and contour products can lead to congested skin – especially on the tops of cheeks and around the cheekbone area.

Putting any kind of thick ointment on your face is a recipe for disaster, as it doesn’t let your skin breathe and then can ultimately lead to breakouts.

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Advice for Troubled Skin

Look Magazine gives advice on what to do if your skin is troubled by contouring: 

  1. Look for products that are non-comedogenic. This basically means that they won’t clog your pores
  2. Keep skin superclean – when removing makeup, do a ‘double cleanse’ to ensure that every last bit is removed
  3. Don’t layer up thick, heavy creams overnight as this may exacerbate the problem. Light serums are advised instead

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Acne Treatment

Skin that’s healthier from within will always look better under makeup.

If you already suffer from acne, as well as irritating the skin, your makeup could be highlighting the problem, making any raised blemishes or bumps seem more prominent. 

There are now laser treatments available which actually work to destroy the acne-causing bacteria and also promote healing. 

ClearSkinTM Laser Acne Treatment

clearskin laser acne treatment
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ClearSkinTM  is highly effective and can be used on mild, moderate and even severe acne. Patients can expect an average 80% acne clearance and lasting results after a course of treatment.

Before & After Laser Acne Treatment

Results Photos

before laser acne treatment clearskin after laser acne treatment clearskin

Courtesy of Prof. Moshe Lapidot & Dr. Yael Politi

London Beauty Salon

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Look Magazine: Contouring and Your Skin | Cosmedics Beauty
Article Name
Look Magazine: Contouring and Your Skin | Cosmedics Beauty
Contour Crisis: Look Magazine asks if the trend for contouring could be ruining your skin. Dr Ross Perry said: Heavy creams and contour products can lead to congested skin – especially on the tops of cheeks and around the cheekbone area.