Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2018

popsugarPOPSUGAR’s latest feature on acne looks at the case of Alice Lang, who shared her transformative results after using prescription medication designed to treat blood pressure. 

Alice had struggled with acne throughout her teens and shared her experience about living with the condition.

Her blog post ‘How I got rid of my cystic acne…’ shares the journey and shows the ‘before and after’ photos of her skin with dramatic improvement from using the medication.

The POPSUGAR article explains:

As this wasn’t an acne medication I’d heard of before, I spoke with Alice about how the medication transformed her skin (and her life!) and how it might help yours, too. I also tapped into the knowledge of GP Dr. Ross Perry to find out if [medication] is safe to use as an acne treatment.

Alice explained that over the years, she’d tried many options prescribed by doctors – from topical treatments to antibiotics and even the contraceptive pill. These had given results for a while, but then the acne would return.

Alice’s acne got particularly bad while she was working in Vietnam – even affecting her mental health. She heard about the effects of blood pressure medication on acne while researching polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) – which is another common cause of acne.

Alice explains:

“I approached a dermatologist in Vietnam and presented my research to her.

“…she agreed to let me try it under her supervision. I began taking 50mg a day. It didn’t work at all for around 2 months — in fact, my acne seemed to get worse at first. But suddenly, my acne began clearing up and now, 4 months later, I have no acne at all. It’s amazing!

Is it Safe?

Dr. Perry gives his advice on using blood pressure medication for acne, saying:

…in some cases it can be used as a last resort in treating hormonal acne.

The medication is an androgen blocker which can slow down the production of sebum. It requires a prescription from your GP and patients should also be aware that it is a diuretic and a potassium-sparing drug – so may require regular blood tests.

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Other Acne Treatment Options

Prescription-only medications – and similarly antibiotics – should be considered as a last resort. As an alternative, there are now advanced skin treatments that can help to improve the condition of the skin.

ClearSkinTM Laser Acne Treatment

clearskin laser acne treatment
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ClearSkinTM  is highly effective and can be used on mild, moderate and even severe acne. Patients can expect an average 80% acne clearance and lasting results after a course of treatment.

Before & After Laser Acne Treatment

Results Photos

before laser acne treatment clearskin after laser acne treatment clearskin

Courtesy of Prof. Moshe Lapidot & Dr. Yael Politi

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POPSUGAR: Blood pressure medication; Acne | Cosmedics Beauty
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POPSUGAR: Blood pressure medication; Acne | Cosmedics Beauty
POPSUGAR investigate blog How I got rid of my cystic acne using blood pressure medication.  Dr Ross Perry gives expert advice on this 'last resort' treatment. Alternatives to consider include ClearSkin laser acne treatment.