Posted on Monday, January 29th, 2018

Expert Advice from Dr Ross Perry

beauty sleep adviceThe phrase ‘Beauty Sleep’ is no accident. When you are refreshed, your skin and appearance are more radiant. When you’re tired, you don’t look as good. 

As a regular media ‘health expert’, Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, was recently asked to provide expert advice on an easy 30-second health check to do at home.

He provided some advice on the issue of sleep…

Expert Advice on Sleep

The NHS recommends adults need ‘around eight hours of good-quality sleep a night’ although this can vary according to the individual. Not getting enough sleep can mean fatigue, moodiness and lack of focus the next day; but in the long term, an accumulation of poor sleep increases the risk of medical conditions such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Sleep problems are very common. It’s estimated a third of the population will suffer from insomnia at some point. Here’s a quick self-check for sleep to help you recognise whether you may have a sleep problem:

  • How many good hours of sleep do you generally get?
  • How would you rate your quality of sleep?
  • Do you feel it takes you a long time to fall asleep?
  • Do you wake in the night?  If so, how often and how long does it take until you go back to sleep?
  • Does poor sleep affect your mood, energy, concentration, relationships or productivity?
  • Do you struggle to stay awake in the day or crave a nap as a result of poor sleep at night?
  • Have you had an ongoing problem with sleep or is it just very occasionally?

If this self-check shows that sleep problems are affecting your daily life, it could be time to see your GP.

If you are unsure, then try keeping a sleep diary for a couple of weeks to see what sort of pattern emerges. This information will be very helpful for the doctor if you do go further in seeking help or advice.

Dr Ross Perry

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Doctor's Advice for Beauty Sleep!
Article Name
Doctor's Advice for Beauty Sleep!
The phrase 'Beauty Sleep' is no accident. When you are refreshed, your skin and appearance are more radiant. When you're tired, you don't look as good. Expert advice on sleep from Dr Ross Perry.