Posted on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

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with Harmony XL Laser System

Laser tattoo removal offers a new solution for those who have come to regret permanent inking designs on their face or body. 

Tattoos are very fashionable, but the permanence can become something of a problem for a variety of reasons and there are many people who then seek solutions for tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is a solution which uses the latest technology to break down the permanent ink so that it can be removed from the skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Before and After 1 Session

These photos show how the laser has started to break down the permanent ink in this client’s tattoo. The stars which were a solid dark colour have become more patchy which shows the ink being broken down. There are areas of ‘normal’ ink-free skin within the smaller stars already. The skin is red as a result of treatment, but this will fade within a relatively short time.

Tattoos fades with each successive treatment session and a course of treatment is recommended. However, this photo shows that even one session can make a visible improvement in lessening the appearance of the tattoo.

tattoo removal results

Tattoo Removal Laser in London

Harmony XL Pro

harmony laser londonOur Putney Beauty Salon’s laser tattoo removal is carried out with the highly advanced Harmony system.

This uses Nd:Yag laser technology with a specially configured combination of wavelengths to target different ink colours. The pigmentation is broken down by high intensity laser energy and the broken down ink can then be expelled by the body.

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The Harmony XL Pro laser offers a variety of other treatment solutions too, using different technologies for best results:

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Laser Tattoo Removal Results Photos
Article Name
Laser Tattoo Removal Results Photos
This before and after laser tattoos removal results photo shows that even one session can make a visible improvement in reducing/fading the tattoo with laser.