Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017

mail beauty39 year old Emmanuel Macron France’s youngest ever post-war president starts his first day in office following inauguration ceremony. 

First lady Brigitte Trogneux’s role is yet to be defined, but the Telegraph introduced their article on the inauguration ceremony with the emphasis on her glamorous appearance: Cannes or Can-can? Brigitte Macron upstages husband at lavish inauguration at Elysée Palace.

The media and public are fascinated by the 64 year old’s youthful looks and the Mail asked leading industry experts for their views as to how she looks so young.

Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, offered the first expert opinion, as the article explains:

dr ross perry‘Whilst Brigitte has never discussed her beauty regime nor admitted to having any treatments, Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics clinics, believes her age-defying good looks are all down to her slim and athletic figure and smart, youthful hair cut that envelops her face and neck and hides any signs of ageing.’

Other experts agreed that her slim figure was an important factor, with regular pilates or weight training suggested to account for good tone and muscle. Other expert explanations for the President’s wife’s youthful appearance included her haircut and colour, possible cosmetic dentistry and choice of flattering clothing as well as a good skin regime, potentially including cosmetic injections.

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Daily Mail: Brigitte Trogneux Youthful Beauty Secrets | Cosmedics Beauty London
Article Name
Daily Mail: Brigitte Trogneux Youthful Beauty Secrets | Cosmedics Beauty London
Glamorous French first lady Brigitte Trogneux looks younger than her 64 years. Daily Mail asks experts including Dr Ross Perry for views on her beauty secrets.