Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2016

With the Advanced Harmony XL Pro Laser

laser tattoo removal

Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon now offers the very latest laser tattoo removal treatment at their South West London location, just off Putney High Street.

The latest Harmony XL Pro can achieve dramatic results, even on the deepest pigments including black and green.

The treatment is safe too, with very low risk of pigmentation problems or scarring.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The Harmony XL Pro uses a special combination of laser wavelengths with high intensity pulses. The laser beam targets the ink pigmentation and breaks up the particles.

Once the ink has been broken down, it can The tiny broken down ink particles are then naturally expelled by the body’s own metabolic processes, so that the tattoos fades with each successive treatment session.

Before & After Results Photos

tattoo fingers  laser tattoo removal results fingers
Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Landthaler, University Clinic of Regensburg, Germany

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon use the advanced Harmony XL Pro, which stands head and shoulders above alternative laser tattoo treatments:

harmony laser london

  • Can achieve dramatic results over a course of treatment
  • Safe system with minimal risk of scarring/pigmentation problems
  • Even works on dark pigments (black/blue/green/purple)
  • Effective on multi-coloured tattoos/shading

Harmony XL Pro

As well as tattoo removal, the Harmony XL Pro also offers:

  • ClearSkin Acne Treatment – medication-free laser acne treatment
  • ClearLift – high power skin tightening with Nd:Yag laser
  • Broken blood vessels – using pulsed laser beams to treat tiny facial veins and capillaries
  • Pigmentation – treatment for skin discolouration due to sun damage, skin ageing and other pigmentation disorders

Their Beauty Therapists are fully trained and qualified to use the powerful technology and offer an extensive choice of customisable options.

For further information, to book an appointment or for any queries, please call our friendly team on 0208 246 4861.

Cosmedics Beauty, 4 Disraeli Road, Putney, London, SW15 2DS


New Laser Tattoo Removal Putney, London
Article Name
New Laser Tattoo Removal Putney, London
Cosmedics' Putney Beauty Salon now offers the very latest laser tattoo removal treatment at their South West London location, just off Putney High Street.