Posted on Monday, May 30th, 2016

special offersTouching your face is an easy habit to get into. The US National Institutes of Health has issued data suggesting that people touch their faces an average of 3.6 times per hour.

Without thinking, it’s easy to scratch an itch, brush away hairs, check for irregularities; or make gestures such as putting your chin into your hands or placing your hands against your cheeks while talking.

However, touching your face can cause a host of skin problems and it’s best to be aware of the risks:

  • Touching your face allows bacteria, viruses and allergens to transfer from fingertips onto the skin
    • It can definitely worsen problems such as acne, contact dermatitis or herpes
    • You are also more likely to catch the flu if you touch your face – transferring the virus from  your hands
  • Rubbing your eyes can damage the delicate tissue and make the eyes look older faster. It can also cause tiny spiderveins or worsen dark circles
  • Touching the face makes blemishes feel more of a problem than they look. It’s then tempting to pick at them which can worsen the problem and even cause scarring

Simply being aware of the risks of touching your face can help to reduce the amount you do it, making a positive difference to the health of your skin.

Facial Treatments

Professional facial treatments are a great way to work towards having clean and healthy skin. Most facials include a form of exfoliation, which works to slough away the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal cleaner, brighter, newer skin beneath. Then massage and use of intensive serums and creams work to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Options such as CACI or Guinot Hydradermie also involve the use of advanced skin toning technology for rejuvenation which tightens the skin for a firmer, more youthful look.

Putney Beauty Salon

Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon offer a range of advanced hair removalface and body treatments using the top of the range technology such as the CACI Ultimate, EDS Dermastamp and Guinot Hydradermie. Their Beauty Therapists are fully trained and qualified to use the powerful technology and offer an extensive choice of customisable options.

For further information, to book an appointment or for any queries, please call our friendly team on 0208 246 4861 or email

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Touching Your Face Can Damage Skin
Article Name
Touching Your Face Can Damage Skin
Touching your face is a common habit but can cause skin problems - worsening acne, ageing the eyes, picking blemishes. It can even make you more prone to flu.