Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2016

springIt’s now officially spring and with Easter coming up and April just around the corner, time to prepare your skin for the warmer weather!

In April, temperatures suddenly get more pleasant with averages ranging from 13º at the beginning of the month to 16º by the end. Mini heatwaves can see temperatures over 20º, so be prepared to ditch the layers – you could be baring your arms or even your legs next month!

Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon is helping clients to get rid of that extra winter layer that many people allow to grow – body hair – and waxing is back on the agenda in a big way.

It’s a perennially popular hair removal treatment as it’s such a fast and easy way of removing unwanted hair from areas such as the underarms, legs and bikini area.

Permanent Hair Reduction

For those looking for longer term results, Putney Beauty Salon also offers state-of-the-art hair removal technology which works to prevent future regrowth by literally destroying the hair follicle’s ability to grow new hair, so the skin appears soft, smooth and hair free.

Options are:

  • Laser hair removal – permanent hair reduction with the award-winning Soprano ICE system – good for large as well as small areas
  • Electrolysis – excellent for smaller areas, such as facial where precision is required. Electrolysis tackles a hair at a time

Putney Beauty Salon

Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon offer a range of advanced hair removalface and body treatments using the top of the range technology such as the CACI Ultimate, EDS and hydradermie. Their beauty therapists also offer popular and cost-effective waxing, manicures and facials.

For further information, to book an appointment or for any queries, please call our friendly team on 0208 246 4861.

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Get Set for Spring with Beauty Treatments - Waxing
Article Name
Get Set for Spring with Beauty Treatments - Waxing
It's now officially spring! April can see temperatures over 20º. Cosmedics' Putney Beauty Salon is helping clients to prepare to expose more flesh with waxing.