Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2015

massage londonHaving a massage is often viewed as an indulgent treat, but a good massage is also very powerful and can help to improve a range of issues that can cause discomfort. 

The person carrying out a massage may be able to identify some surprising insights into a person’s anatomy and posture, daily activity and even general health.

What Your Massage Reveals About your Daily Life

  1. Sitting at a desk – Classically results in a weaker lower back, evidenced by one hip being higher than the other. The glutes and legs are often tight too
  2. Driving – A lot of time driving tends to lead to a far-forward posture and hunched shoulders.
  3. Phone use – Texters often have their heads pointed down, leading to tight and imbalanced shoulders.
  4. How you sleep – Sleeping on your front puts a strain on the neck which makes it feel tight when massaged.
  5. Feeling the cold – If you are constantly hunching shoulders against the cold, it can lead to stress in the neck and shoulders. Common in winter.
  6. Exercise – Runners’ hips and the low back will feel tight, and you might also complain about tension in the bottom of the foot.
  7. Your Bag  Carrying a large bag on one shoulder can lead to your body being tighter on one side to compensate. Alternatively, if you carry a rucksack or backpack, the muscles in your shoulder blades become tight in response to the pressure.

Putney Beauty Salon

A range of massage options is available with trained therapists at Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon.

  • Full body massage (women only) – a 60 minute top to toe treat
  • Back & shoulder massage – targeting the most popular area
  • Ache specific massage – homing in on the areas of discomfort

Our beauty salon is based just off the High Street, opposite Putney Library.

Our team of friendly therapists offer a range of treatments for the face and body plus Putney’s widest choice of hair removal.

4 Disraeli Road, Putney, London, SW15 2DS

Treatment is held in comfortable and private treatment rooms conveniently located off Putney high street.

Call 0208 246 4861 or email for an appointment.