Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2015

skin treatmentsThere is a lot of truth in the saying

“You have the skin you were born with until you are 20; after that, you have the skin you deserve”

In our youth, we tend to take our skin for granted. While you’re a child, Mum fussing about the sunscreen just gets in the way of holiday fun. Older teens may prefer to prioritise sleep over removal of the day’s makeup.

Yet in our twenties, the past can start to catch up with us and it’s time to start taking better care of the skin in order not to store up problems in later life.

The good news is that even the most damaged skin can be helped.

There are modern skin treatments available in top beauty salons which can really boost the condition of the skin and make it appear firmer and more youthful, all without any doctor intervention or cosmetic injections.

Top Skin Treatments to Consider

  1. CACI Non-Surgical – the original award-winning micro-toning machine to firm skin
  2. Hydradermie2 – Guinot’s top treatment, combining their exclusive Hydradermie machine with Guinot skincare
  3. Laser skin tightening treatment – an effective solution for  stimulating collagen production
  4. Laser pigmentation treatment – directly tackles pigmentation issues
  5. Microdermabrasion – designed to slough away the top layer of skin, revealing newer skin cells beneath
  6. Chemical peel – intensive yet gentle exfoliation to boost skin regeneration
  7. Murad facials – top brand facials from Dr Murad
  8. EDS Dermastamp – an automated micro-needling and mesotherapy device

Skin Treatment Technology

Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon offer a selection of advanced face and body treatments using the latest technology. Their Beauty Therapists are fully trained and qualified to use the powerful technology and offer an extensive choice of customisable options.

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