Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2015

CACI Body Toning Treatments

CACI londonCACI toning system isn’t just for anti-ageing facial treatments – there are body toning treatments too, which could be just the thing for improving the tummy or bingo wings ready for summer.

Did you know a CACI Quantum 20 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups?

Doing 300 situps alone is a staggering concept, but many of us struggle with a simple-sounding exercise.

When done well, sit ups help tone the muscles in your midsection, which can help protect your back as well as improve your physique. The main purpose of sit-ups is to strengthen the “stomach” muscles by challenging the abdominal group: the rectus abdominus muscles, or “abs” (two thin strips of muscle that extend from the breastbone to the pelvis), and the three layers of muscles that flank the abs.

Done wrong, situps can be completely ineffective. What’s more, poor technique can put strain on the neck or back, causing health problems.

CACI Body Toning

For a more toned abdominal area, CACI works to stimulate muscles using microcurrents, which tighten and tone body areas in a similar way to the famous anti-ageing treatments.

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