Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2015

manicurePsychologists say they can tell a lot about a person from their choice of nail colour. What does your nail varnish say about you?

Choosing the right colour of nail polish can be quite a complex business. First of all, it has to go with your clothes – for as many days until you next do your nails. On another level, it has to be a colour that you’ll enjoy looking at that will give you a little lift and a boost to make you feel positive and confident about your choice of colour and about yourself.

Psychologists have been quick to pick up on what your choice of nail colour could mean. While a search of the internet brings up quite a few theories and schemes, we’re sharing the pantone psychologists’ view of what deeper meanings could be interpreted from the humble act of painting your nails.

Classic Nail Colours


The ultimate statement of glamour, red nails embody passion, fire and confidence. Perfect for a big night out, perking up a monochrome outfit or showing off your diva side!

Pale Pink

Soft pink nails look tasteful and groomed, good for career professionals. They look youthful but beware the bubblegum shades, which can appear brash and Barbie.

French Manicure

A classic option for conservative glamour. Choosing a French Manicure shows confidence in making the very best of your nails as they are.


A popular choice for busy people who just want a slick of polish to keep nails protected without having to worry about chips or damage!

New Classics

Hot Pink

This colour stands for fun. It’s sexy, bold and playful. Super-feminine and really eye-catching too.


Chic, trendy and edgy – dark wine colours are the ‘new black’ for individuals wanting to make a statement.


A vibrant colour for bubbly, creative people. Pantone says that women who choose orange are generous and outgoing.


A new classic, nude, beige or taupe nails look clean-cut and polished, without making too much of a statement, they speak of calm confidence for women who are secure enough not to follow every trend.

Dark Brown

Associations with Mother Nature make dark brown earthy and energetic, indicating boldness and authority.

Vibrant and Modern


Yellow is associated with the sun and warmth. It’s fairly outspoken, and might be chosen by women who are spontaneous, extroverted and bohemian individuals.


Creative and slightly gothic, purple indicates that you are confident, artistic, individualistic and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Softer shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac, are graceful and feminine without being too girly.


An unusual colour, making it a good choice for women with a sense of adventure.


Blue is fun and experimental, showing that you’re youthful, fun and willing to try new things – especially if it’s a neon shade.  However, navy blue is more reserved, a twist on popular black which goes great with jeans.



A dark and stormy colour reflects a daring, trendsetting attitude.


Greys and grey/beige shows a modernist: cultured, androgynous and cool yet fashionable.


Chic, coolly classic and confident. White is also a practical choice for those who hate the site of chipped nails.



Neutral but super glamorous, gold goes with everything and looks opulent and stylish


Blinged-out decadence for a party or a big night out.

Professional Manicure/Pedicure

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  • Nourishing manicure with Essie treatment application (no polish)

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