Posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

CACI londonWith bikinis in mind, Look Magazine looked at new treatments designed to sculpt the tricky bottom area.

While supermodels and celebs seem to parade toned and perky derrieres, for most women, the truth is a little ‘saggier’ to behold.

As a consequence, the ‘butt lift’ is said to be on the rise; but this is a very expensive solution with a not inconsiderable recovery implication.

Look Magazine recommended CACI non surgical solutions, saying:

CACI are famous for their firming facials (J-Lo and Emma Stone are fans), but now they’re turning their expertise to our behinds!

The CACI Bottoms Up (…) uses tiny electrical impulses to stimulate and tighten the muscles for an instant lifting effect.

The patented massage technique also stimulates new collagen, so after around eight treatments, the skin will look smoother and more toned too.

By working on the major muscles, CACI non-surgical mimics the effect of squats and lunges by toning the gluteus maximums for a tighter shape; while the massage works to improve the area too.

CACI Non-Surgical Treatments

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