Posted on Monday, April 14th, 2014

soprano laser hair removal awardThe Sunday Times Style magazine recommended and quoted the Soprano laser for hair removal as:

Laser for those in the know

When it comes to laser hair removal, Soprano is generally considered best in class, and has previously won the coveted Gold Award in the Aesthetic Awards, in association with Cosmetic News.

Why Soprano Laser Hair Removal?

Their slogan ‘pain-free, hair-free’ epitomises why Soprano is different.

Pain Free

Other systems can be quite uncomfortable to say the least. However, Soprano laser hair removal is a warming sensation without the sting or burning feeling that quite often comes with IPL type hair removal systems.

Patients who have tried the alternatives can’t believe the difference.

Hair Free

Permanent Hair Reduction is the main appeal of laser hair removal treatment, yet some patients have been disappointed with the results. With Soprano, results are extremely effective. The laser works on all hair and skin colour combinations and is more efficient than other systems which can take more treatments to achieve a result.

London Hair Removal Centre

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